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Quality tested by experience since

We started our activity in 1991 and have been continuously creating furniture for almost 30 years now. Over the years, we got to know many different families and their homes, and made thousands of kitchen sets and other furniture. The quality of our furniture is tested by long-term experience and positive customer feedback.

5-year warranty

We take pride in every piece of furniture that we make and vouch for their quality. Since we are confident in our products, we provide a 5-year warranty for our kitchen sets and other furniture, and a 2-year warranty for our lighting systems. The warranty for other products, such as countertops, home appliances and plumbing, depends on the terms specified by the manufacturers.

Production term 30 business days.

We begin working immediately after signing the contract, therefore you will receive your kitchen furniture within 30 calendar days. Sometimes the production term may vary depending on the complexity of the project or the materials chosen, for example, the production of solid wood furniture usually takes longer. In other cases, the furniture production deadline will be specified in the contract.