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Kitchen furniture

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Bathroom furniture

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Wardrobes, closet

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Furniture manufacturer VOKĖ-III

Furniture manufacturer VOKĖ-III

We have been developing non-standard kitchen, bathroom, closet and other furniture for your dream home since 1991. We design and manufacture furniture by considering the individual needs of each customer, so our specialists can always offer the best solution for you. We produce more than 4,000 kitchen sets per year and have more than 29 years of experience in exporting products to foreign countries. Our services: Vokė-III designs and manufactures individual kitchen, bathroom, closet furniture and other type of furniture for your home. We also sell built-in home appliances, plumbing and furniture provided by reliable and customer-approved suppliers.

Customer approved

Explore and evaluate our kitchen furniture collections. You will find various different styles, from time-tested classical style to modern minimalism. We are positive that, with some of our suggestions, you will be able to choose the kitchen set that is best for you and most suitable for your home. Which of our kitchen sets resembles your dream kitchen the most?

Showroom in VILNIUS

Showroom in VILNIUS
Domus Galerija 1 floor, P. Lukšio g. 32, Vilnius
Tel. +370 618 34000 | projects@voke3.com

Salon in KAUNAS

Showroom in KAUNAS
Savanorių pr. 192, Kaunas
Tel. +370 618 34000 | projects@voke3.com