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Office wardrobes

Base price
Door profile: Not visible, hided ower the wardrobe
Door material: Natural American Walnut veneer
Inside shelving: Dark grey melamine-faced chipboard
Book shelves : Dark grey melamine-faced chipboard / Natural American Walnut veneer

Various possessions take up the bulk of the space in our homes. Today, each family member has a lot of clothing, shoes, and various accessories. The main reasons for this phenomenon are our climate and our desire to be original and fashionable. As a result, the belongings in our environment multiply at a geometric progression, filling various shelves, niches, and storerooms.

To store things in an orderly, visible, and accessible way, we recommend taking advantage of the possibilities offered by closets with sliding or folding doors and by walk-in closets, which are now especially popular. When order reigns in a home, both its value and its residents’ spirits enjoy a boost.

We can design and build furniture that meets your desires and needs, helping create a comfortable, cosy, and modern home environment.