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Bathroom furniture AVOCADO

Base price
Fronts: painted MDF/mirror
Countertop: cultured marble
Frame: melamine-faced chipboard
Handles: 45-degree milled fronts

Having existed for merely a hundred years, today the bathroom is an integral part of every home, a place where the day begins and ends, where we not only carry out hygiene procedures but also relax after the work and worries of the day. For a bathroom to become a true oasis of rest, functional, aesthetic, and technological solutions must be coordinated.

Accommodating the necessary fixtures in a spacious bathroom is straightforward, but most bathrooms are smaller in area, thus equipping them often becomes a significant challenge.

After evaluating your bathroom area individually, we can offer advice about saving space and hiding plumbing and other unsightly features, design bathroom furniture that matches the general interior design concept, and help create an intimate environment suitable for rest and relaxation.