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Cozy touch

BLUM (gentle closing)
Quartz - very similar to granite. Contains about 90% of quartz, ground granite, coloured quartz, mirror and glass shards, pigments, and the remaining 10% consists of a binder – resin.
Suspended cabinet facades
LMDP – laminate-coated wood chipboard
Floor-standing cabinet facades
LMDP – laminate-coated wood chipboard
LED strips installed at the bottom of hanging cabinets by way of milling
Drawer mechanisms
Tandembox (Blum). Full drawer extension, rails with installed silent closing system “BLUMOTION”.
Collection description
Oregano kitchen collection unfolds minimalism in the most elegant terms. It is dominated by clear lines, natural colours, and textures. Its style is described as simple, clean, and clear. As a result, it can find its place in minimalist, modern-style homes, and blends in perfectly with other bright spaces. Oregano is furniture that stands out with its simplicity, yet expressive melamine makes it unique.


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